Why Regular Garage Door Maintenance Is Essential

Most garage doors operate for years without generating any noticeable concerns. This reputation creates an environment where homeowners can forget to have them regularly inspected and professionally maintained.

Some garage door malfunctions are minor, keeping you stranded while someone works to correct a small issue. Others can lead to expensive repairs, ongoing technician visits, or a complete replacement.

The average garage door performs nearly 2,000 operations annually. There is only one way to ensure it can meet your needs the next time you want it to open or close: to perform regular maintenance.

Steps That Homeowners Can Take to Maintain Garage Doors

When you’re between the annual checkups for your garage doors at home, three critical areas are worth reviewing to ensure ongoing functionality is possible.

  • Investigate Unusual Noises. When garage door equipment starts making louder or new sounds compared to its usual routine, you’ll want to see what is happening. Any shaking, rattling, or grinding needs review.
  • Debris Removal. Your tracks and sensors can accumulate dust, dirt, and debris over the year. When enough of it is in the system, it can interfere with the door’s operations.
  • Hardware Inspections. As garage doors rise and fall, their parts can lose lubrication or start working themselves loose. You’ll want to tighten things as necessary, ensuring the chain and springs continue functioning as expected.

Homeowners that take these maintenance steps can help their garage doors stay healthy between annual checkups.

Benefits of Regular Garage Door Maintenance

All maintenance efforts aim to prevent significant issues from developing in the future. Garage doors last for a long time when they’re given proper care, even if that means catching a small problem early.

Here are some of the other reasons why regular maintenance is essential for the health of your garage doors.

1. Warranty Advantages

When you service your garage door with the same provider each year, you can take advantage of the lifetime warranty that comes with many parts and components. This benefit also means the same company and technicians work with you, developing a deeper understanding of your property’s needs. [[1]]

2. Avoid Injuries

Some garage doors weigh 400 pounds or more. If a track or pulley doesn’t operate as expected, a lot of weight could impact you, a family member, or a pet. Regular inspections and maintenance reduce the risk of having an injury occur. [[2]]

3. Save Money

Garage door tune-ups and proactive maintenance catch problems before they develop into serious issues. It’s almost always cheaper to fix minor malfunctions than to replace an entire door or an opener. [[3]]

4. Confidence in the Future

A garage door malfunction often happens at the most inconvenient times. When you schedule time for regular inspections and maintenance needs, you won’t need to worry about getting trapped inside or outside the garage – or having this space sidelines for weeks at a time. [[4]]

5. Home Value

An operational garage door in good repair contributes more value and equity to your home than one that doesn’t work or requires replacement. Even if you’re not considering selling today, ongoing maintenance ensures you get the most out of tomorrow’s transaction. [[5]]

Professional garage door maintenance and inspection don’t take long to complete. You’ll receive a full report of this asset’s health and any recommendations for repairs that are needed now or soon. Schedule your appointment today so that this asset can continue performing for you as expected!


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