What Are the Different Types of Garage Door Openers?

Garage doors come in many different shapes and sizes. That means you can also find openers built in various ways to support the security and features this home asset offers.

If you’re considering installing a garage door soon, it helps to review the different opener types. Each has different strengths to consider, especially if you plan to use remote control devices with your investment.


1. Direct Drive Garage Door Opener

This garage door opener is the quietest in the industry. It uses a stationary chain within a steel rail, which means it only has one moving part in the carriage. Many manufacturers that use this design offer a lifetime guarantee or warranty. [[1]]


2. DC-Powered Garage Door Opener

This option also ranks highly as one of the quietest garage door openers you can find today. They operate smoothly, have a smaller installation footprint, and work more efficiently than alternating current models. These features are often included. [[2]]

  • Soft-stop technology.
  • Variable speed options.
  • Soft-star features.


3. Jackshaft Drive Garage Door Opener

This option could be helpful when you have limited overhead space for a garage door opener. It goes to the side, using a motor that drives cables and pulleys that turn a torsion bar to create movement. Most models use a 24V DC motor you mount on the wall to create the necessary motion. [[3]]

You can also use this option when there is existing overhead storage in your garage that you’d like to preserve with a new installation.


4. Screw Drive Garage Door Opener

This garage door opener uses a trolly that rides along a threaded steel rod. The motor rotates the rod to create movement. It’s much easier to maintain than other types. They aren’t known to be a quiet option.

If your home or business experiences significant temperature fluctuations throughout the year, a different opener type might be a better solution.


5. Belt Drive Garage Door Opener

Instead of using a chain, this type uses a belt to create garage door movement. It operates more smoothly with this option while keeping costs reasonably affordable. [[4]]

The belts are typically made from polyurethane, fiberglass, or steel-reinforced rubber. This option does a great job with lighter garage doors, allowing it to operate a little faster than other opener types.


6. Chain Drive Garage Door Opener

This choice is the most affordable garage door opener type. The design tends to be louder than others, and there can be a clunkiness to its movement because it requires metal-on-metal contact to operate. It can be a practical choice when vibration dampening and other techniques even out the motions, especially when lifting a heavy garage door. [[5]]


Today’s best garage door opener types work with remote controls, keyless entry solutions, and other entry options to ensure you have an appropriate solution for your property. In return, you’ll have a tremendous asset that potentially adds equity to your home while providing the consistent access you need.



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