What Are the Best Garage Door Styles for Today’s Home?

Garage doors deliver one of the first doses of curb appeal for the modern home. If the design or color feels outdated or seems faded, the property’s value could decrease even with this asset in good repair.

The garage door represents up to 30% of the structural exterior for local homes. That makes it a fundamental component of its first impression.

Some garage door styles work better with some home designs more than others, while a few provide universal appeal. If you’re thinking about an upgrade to this asset, here are the best options to consider.

1. Craftsman Homes

The best garage doors that work with this modern style have recessed or raised panels. Planks or a full aluminum approach work well to spotlight the color or design you prefer while creating something functional that works with your façade.

2. Tudor Homes

If your home speaks of the early Renaissance or Medieval times, you likely have decorative half-timbers and stucco as part of your exterior. The best garage door for this architecture is a carriage design with a wood overlay. You could also work with recessed panels if you prefer steel or actual lumber for an authentic design.

3. Contemporary Homes

Homes using a contemporary style can vary from something close to a mid-century modern to straight lines, asymmetrical details, or unique shapes. The garage door must complement what the home features to ensure the initial first impression feels positive and consistent.

A full-view garage door often works best in this situation. By offering strong and transparent panels, you can enjoy the benefits of natural light while creating a safer entry.

If you prefer more privacy, you can also install garage doors with different window placement choices, including along the side or a strip at the top. A planked look with natural wood is also an excellent choice for this style, especially if stone or brick are featured throughout the property.

4. Ranch Homes or Ramblers

These single-story homes use an open-concept design today to maximize space. The best garage doors for this popular design create a subtle and traditional first impression that stays modest while showing some personality. A great choice here is to use a carriage house design with window inserts to enhance the vertical elements found on the property. Steel, aluminum, or wood are all appropriate for this installation or upgrade.

5. Farmhouse Designs

The classic or modern farmhouse style has become more prevalent in recent years. These homes are typically white, offer a covered porch, and emphasize window placement. Try installing a raised panel garage door to highlight the visual patterns seen with the siding and roof.

Once you’ve determined what garage door design works best for your property, the next step is to think about adding insulation. If you use this space frequently for more than storage or want to protect your heating and cooling bill from drastic spikes during weather changes, this investment could make sense! How can we help you achieve your curb appeal goals today?


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