Spring Has Sprung! 5 Things To Do With Your Garage This Spring

It’s that time of year again… We walk outside and are greeted by life. Along with budding flowers and the liveliness of nature, spring carries a positive energy. How will you choose to spend your Spring? Will you take advantage of the beautiful weather to accomplish some outdoor home improvements projects? If you’re not quite sure where to start, here are five recommendations:

  1. Spring Cleaning. 

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One of those areas that spring promises to breath fresh life into is our physical spaces. We put away our winter decor, dust off our shelves, and seek to declutter the house. But what about the garage? All too often it becomes the place we put things we no longer use, but lack the resolve to discard or donate. It doesn’t have to be this way! If you take that extra spring-cleaning step, you will be so glad you did! Imagine walking into your garage – there are your tools, organized and arranged on the wall. Imagine the space to move about as you work on projects. Fast forward to winter. A pipe needs to be tightened under the sink. Instead of searching through your entire garage in faith that you will locate the tool you need, you walk right up to the designated area, pick out the appropriate tool and head back inside. It has been said that “a decluttered house is a decluttered mind.” With a decluttered garage, you will simply feel better, and the effects are not to be underestimated.

  1. Garage Maintenance. 

Spring is a great time to do maintenance on your garage. During spring, the weather is neither too hot nor too cold. It is during this “perfect” weather that you should check the mechanical and physical condition of your garage. Extreme temperatures tend to affect mechanisms such as the springs. Over the course of a cold winter, the springs could have gotten worn out. This could cause the springs to fail in their jobs to provide the necessary resistance on the door. This could lead to bigger problems if not addressed (door damage, motor damage, even injury). As are most things in life, it is best to address this issue proactively. The spring weather allows you a temperature where the springs are “at rest.” That is, a time where you can check the quality of springs as is, without the effects of extreme heat or cold.

  1. Spring Garage Party!

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Spring brings with it warm days with cooler nights. This comfortable weather provides the perfect condition for a party! And there is perhaps no better place to host than the garage. The benefits of a spring garage party are numerous. The garage provides shelter from the elements. Perhaps the temperature is perfect, but the wind makes it too nippy to be fully outdoors, the garage shields. Perhaps the forecast is dubious on the potential for rain, the garage keeps dry. The garage provides the perfect party atmosphere. It can provide that feeling of being protected and secure from the elements while still being a part of those elements. The ambiguity of the garage and its outdoor/indoor arrangement could be the very mood to create a special experience at your spring party.


  1. Give your Garage a Facelift. 

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Springtime weather means warmer temperatures. It is a great time to give your garage some fresh paint. Perhaps you can get it professionally painted, or completely remodeled. But if you want to start small, just adding some fresh trim painting to your garage can make a significant difference. Just as the flowers yield their spring colors, so your garage could yield some fresh colors and bring new life to your home.


  1. Check the safety of your garage. 

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During the winter months, most people are home. The chance of someone unwelcomed breaking into your garage is therefore less. The security on your garage is important all year long, but it is especially important as the weather begins to warm. People begin making plans to travel, which is why ensuring the security of your garage is so important. Before you head off for that weeklong getaway with the family, be sure to check the security of your garage. Ensure it is still functioning properly; that the cold weather has not damaged its operation. For just as the warmth beckons families to vacation, so it beckons unwanted visitors to gain possessions through less proprietary means.

Your garage is an important part of your home, so make sure you are spending adequate time making it work for your lifestyle. Call Middleton Overhead Doors at (815) 725-6077 or send us a Facebook message to learn more about how we can help beautify your home this Spring!

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