Should Garage Doors Have Windows?

Garage doors with windows offer more natural light into what is typically a dark space. It improves a home’s exterior aesthetics while providing a more customized look.

When you have more natural light available, you can save energy. There won’t be the same need to flip a switch to see when grabbing something from the freezer in the garage or to get into your vehicle. [[1]]

Sunlight delivers a warming profile as it comes through the window, creating a more consistent temperature zone. Some garages are not as well insulated as the rest of the home, so this investment can make the space more usable. [[2]]

Since windows come in several shapes or sizes, you can create a look that corresponds to your personality and preferences while staying within a set budget. It’s even possible to have your garage door windows match the rest of the house to create a striking look.

Additional Benefits of Having a Garage Door with Windows

Most panel-based garage doors give a home a cookie-cutter look. Although there can be different patterns and colors, the look is virtually the same. Those solid block panels create visual disinterest when you walk through the neighborhood.

Adding windows to your garage doors help your home stand out from the rest.

When windows are installed, you can still have all the automation and safety features that a garage door offers. If you have concerns about intruders, tempered glass or a high-quality security film can provide an added protective layer. [[3]]

Potential Issues to Manage with Garage Door Window

Garages have become a multipurpose space for many homeowners. Although you can still park a car inside, this area is used for home gyms, social gatherings, and even home offices.

If you install windows in your garage door, this space won’t have as much privacy. Someone could walk by, see inside, and know everything you’re doing. [[4]]

This issue becomes a disadvantage when you store valuables in the garage. Someone could break through the glass, raise the door from the inside, and make off with your items.

That’s why many garage door windows are small and set away from any control mechanisms. It dramatically reduces the risk of unwanted entry, but it is still higher than what you’d receive with a solid panel.

Higher windows can also counter privacy concerns.

What About Balancing Issues with My Garage Door?

The garage door mechanism accounts for weight distribution to create an even lift. This equipment functions correctly when professionally installed, but it could become problematic if windows were added without addressing the rest of the infrastructure. [[5]]

Although windows don’t add much weight (and sometimes take the weight off the door), they can be enough to throw off the installed balance and lift. That’s why it helps to have a professional garage door installer work with this asset to ensure it functions as expected.

Garage doors with windows deliver multiple benefits with minimal disadvantages. When you have this upgrade or new installation completed by experienced professionals, you can maximize the value of your investment.

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