Pros and Cons of Real Wood and Faux Wood Garage Doors

If you’re thinking about a new garage door, the good news is that you have more material options than ever. When you have a specific look in mind, real and faux wood are great options to consider over standard steel or aluminum products. Before you select a design or schedule an installation, reviewing the pros and cons of these garage doors is essential.


What Are the Pros and Cons of a Real Wood Garage Door?

A real wood garage door can offer a distinct and natural aesthetic appeal to a home. It also comes with certain advantages and disadvantages to manage over its lifetime.

Here’s a closer look at what to expect if you’re interested in upgrading to or installing a real wood garage door.


Pros of a Real Wood Garage Door

• Visual Appeal. Real wood offers a timeless and elegant look. It enhances the overall curb appeal of the entire property, offering a warm and inviting aesthetic that complements numerous architectural styles.
• Total Customization. Wood is a versatile product. You can select from several custom designs and styles, including different stains, finishes, and tree types, to create a unique look that matches your taste.
• Improved Insulation. A real wood garage door provides natural insulating properties. This feature helps to regulate temperature transfers between the indoors and the outside environment.
• Impressive Durability. A high-quality wood garage door is a long-lasting asset for any home when it is properly maintained.


Cons of a Real Wood Garage Door

• Maintenance Needs. Wood garage doors require regular maintenance to preserve their appearance and protect them from the elements. They may need periodic refinishing, staining, or painting to prevent rotting, warping, or fading.
• Weather Susceptibility. Real wood is susceptible to moisture, humidity, and extreme weather conditions. Without proper sealing and protection, wood garage doors can warp, crack, or rot as time passes.
• Increased Weight. The added weight from real wood can strain your garage door opener and hardware. A professional installation ensures all the supporting components are present and can handle this issue.
• Cost. Real wood tends to be more expensive than faux wood.


What Are the Pros and Cons of a Faux Wood Garage Door?

If real wood isn’t in your budget when considering a garage door, but you love the look, a faux wood option can satisfy your needs. Choosing this option comes with a few advantages and disadvantages to review.


Pros of a Real Wood Garage Door

• Versatility. Faux wood comes with several wood grain patterns, finishes, and colors to consider. That can make finding the best solution for your property’s needs more straightforward.
• Durability. This material is less susceptible to moisture, humidity, and extreme weather conditions than real wood doors.
• Less Maintenance. These garage doors are often made from steel or fiberglass, which are more resistant to warping, rotting, and fading. Faux wood doors usually don’t require staining, painting, or refinishing.


Cons of a Real Wood Garage Door

• Authenticity. Despite their realistic appearance, faux wood garage doors may not provide the same authenticity and natural beauty as real wood doors. Close inspections will catch this, which could be a dealbreaker when selling a home.
• Limited Customization. With faux wood, you may have fewer personalization choices.
• Damage Potential. Although faux wood doors are generally more durable than real wood, they can still be susceptible to scratches and dents when impacts occur.


The typical garage door has a lifespan of up to 30 years. That includes lubricating moving parts, checking or tightening hardware, and cleaning the area. If you’re ready to upgrade or want to discuss what options are available for your property, please get in touch with our team at your convenience. We’ll help you find something great that looks incredible while staying within your budget!

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