Middleton Doors – Top 10 Garage Organization Ideas

With the Coronavirus quarantine in place and spring cleaning in full effect, it’s a great time to focus on organizing a place that most likely needs a lot of love… your garage. For some of us, the garage could be a death-defying obstacle course of bikes, lawn tools, sports equipment, toys, power tools, bag chairs, and a million other things that don’t really have a place anywhere inside the house. We’ve gathered a few easy solutions to get your garage into tip-top shape before summer.


  1. Hang garden tools

Garden tools can take up much needed space in your garage. Plus, the thought of one of these tools tipping over and hitting a car (or kid) is terrifying.

Check out these three DIY solutions at goodhousekeeping.com, decorifusta.com and hometalk.com. All three of these solutions attach those sharp tools to the interior garage wall to give you peace of mind.


  1. Secure Bikes and Scooters

Bikes and scooters falling into one of our cars is one of our biggest fears in life. It just takes one faulty kickstand or even just a small nudge to make one fall over, sometimes creating an incredible domino effect.

Check out these two DIY solutions at bluepencilhome.com and stoneandsons.net. You can either hang them on the garage wall or build a simple “bike rack” to ensure nothing with wheels will be tipping over. Also note the bike helmets hanging next to each bike so you will never misplace one of those expensive accessories again!


  1. Balls to the Walls


At our house we have more balls than we know what to do with… basketballs, soccer balls, tennis balls, volleyballs. These spherical wonders are notorious for rolling off the shelves and under anything they decide to. We cannot tell you how many innocent balls we have run over with our cars… RIP.

To solve this problem, check out these easy DIY solutions at thewhoot.com, diyjoy.com, and garage.bilginom.com. All three examples utilize a bungee system to make sure all your balls are being held firmly in place on the interior garage wall at all times.


  1. Reach for Those Bag Chairs

An essential part of our summer neighborhood fun is our bag chairs. Block parties, picnics, lawn seats at the community concert, or just sitting in our driveway watching time pass… These telltale signs of nice weather only get used for a few short months for us in the Midwest, but always having them at our fingertips is key.

Two easy DIY solutions at aero.dreamsscapes.com and augustexture.com can help you achieve your goal and save you the embarrassment of having to sit on your cooler or even (gasp!) the ground during social gatherings.


  1. Get Ahold of Those Fishing Poles

Here’s a few ideas to get you off the hook (see what I did there) when it comes to storing fishing poles.

Depending on how your garage is arranged, here are two very different, yet effective, DIY solutions we found at livingmarch.com and mymommystyle.com. Either of these options will help save you valuable fishing time since you won’t have to untangle the endless mess of fishing wire.


  1. Refresh Interior Garage Entry Doors

Sometimes a quick coat of paint is all you need to change the focal point of a garage.

Take a look at these interior garage door entryway transformations at livabl.com, justagirlandherblog.com, and shopstyle.com. These simple, yet stunning updates create a beautiful centerpiece that is bound to attract some major attention. Notice the pop of color on the steps for a more dramatic effect!


  1. Keep Extension Cords In Check

We absolutely love the idea of having the extension cord attached to the interior garage wall. When in need of a cord for our Shop Vac or to charge one of our many Power Wheels, we always know where we need to look instead of searching through every bin and box in the garage.

This simple idea at diyjoy.com is just what we’ve been looking for to save ourselves precious time searching and searching and searching!


  1. Put Up Some Good Old-Fashioned Shelves

Never underestimate the power of a sturdy shelf! Adding labeled bins not only creates a neat aesthetic, but it also saves you time when you’re looking for something.

These three shelving ideas at bustle.com, dekorationcity.com, and augustexture.com will give your neighbors major envy of your organized garage walls.


  1. Utilize a Folding Workbench

We don’t know who needs to see this, but if you can make this happen, RUN! Do not pass go. Do not collect $200. Do this immediately!

This workbench can be set up when you need a little extra elbow room and then folded right back down when you need that extra space. You can get the best of both worlds with one quick action! Check out how to build this at dredgprave.thevergenow.com


  1. Organize Hand Tools with Pegboard

And last, but not least… Utilize pegboards to keep any and all of your miscellaneous hand tools in impeccable order.  Pegboards are an easy and affordable way to help keep your garage organized.

Check out this organized tool wall from livingmarch.com. We don’t know what else to say about this beautiful display other than #GarageGoals!


Getting organized doesn’t have to cost a ton of money. With a little inspiration and creativity, almost anyone can get their garage in tip-top shape. Start small… Rome wasn’t built in a day. Start by choosing one small garage organization project. Your sense of accomplishment from completing that first project should roll into the next project, then the next project, and so on. With the warm weather (hopefully) just around the corner, this is the perfect time to start thinking about what projects you want to tackle first. We hope that one of our top 10 Garage Organization ideas helped to inspire you to utilize your interior garage space to the fullest.

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