A garage door opener might be a relatively simple mechanism in concept, but it delivers numerous benefits with its presence. It helps keep a home secure, provides convenient operations, and reduces safety risks associated with the door.

The average lifespan of a garage door opener is typically between ten to 15 years. With excellent maintenance of the springs and rollers, you might get up to 30 years of service. [[1]]

If yours is in that age range, it’s a good idea to look for a replacement. Even if yours works fine, it might be worth looking at an upgrade.

What Are the Benefits of a New Garage Good Opener?

Newer garage door openers incorporate several features that weren’t available in past designs. Here’s a look at what you could potentially receive with an upgrade.

1. Auto Reverse

Garage door openers have been required to have a safety reversing mechanism since 1993. This feature uses two sensors that sit about six inches above the floor. They’re installed on both sides of the door. [[2]]

When an object passes through the light beam that runs between the sensors, it causes the door opening process stops and reverses immediately.


2. Improved Security

Older garage door openers aren’t as secure as current models. The remote functions on previous designs came with a fixed code. That means someone could sit outside the house, experiment with different combinations, and potentially open the door.

This issue also meant that you could potentially open other garage doors with your opener by pressing the remote button.

New openers come with a variable code feature. It changes each time the door opens and closes, eliminating the risk of an unauthorized party having access.


3. Keypad Entry Option

New garage door openers come with an option to mount a keypad entry on the outside of the home. This feature allows homeowners to enter a specific code that engages the equipment without needing a key.

Some keypads have compatibility with existing garage door openers. If you don’t have this option, it might be worth considering upgrading to a newer model.

The latest version of this technology uses biometrics (fingerprint detection), eliminating the need to remember a passcode.


4. Quieter Operations

Older garage door openers could be surprisingly loud. If you have an early morning, the sounds that occur when leaving could wake up everyone in the home. Upgrading to a newer model can deliver much quieter operations.

The reason why older models were so loud involved the chain drive they used to raise and lower the garage door. Newer belt drives are the best option to install today, but you’ll also notice immediate improvements with screw drive designs. [[3]]


5. HomeLink Connections

Newer automobiles come with a HomeLink feature. That makes it possible to program a garage door control from this technology. With this upgrade, you don’t need to worry about losing the remote control unit or other accessories.

When you pull up to your garage door with your vehicle, it will open and close because it recognizes the coding programmed into the HomeLink feature. [[4]]


6. Smart Home Features

The next generation of garage door openers for the home includes mobile and Wi-Fi connectivity. You can control the unit through an app from a phone or tablet, allowing you to remotely lock or unlock your house.

This feature can alert you when the garage door opens, no matter where you currently are at the time. Some designs offer a programmed lockdown period for the door so that it doesn’t open without a proper override.

These garage door openers often come with digital readouts and controls that provide supplemental information about the home. You might have a temperature display, a time indicator, or motion sensor lights that activate when movement is detected outside the home.


7. Battery Backups

Older garage door openers were hardwired to the home’s electrical system. When the power goes out, you’re not getting that door open without a manual override.

Today’s models come with a battery backup system that works automatically if something knocks the power out to your home. [[5]]


8. Value Benefits

A new garage door opener doesn’t always add more equity to a home, but it can set your property apart from others in your neighborhood. When it’s time to sell, you can promote this upgrade and why you feel it is important. Add it to your other features and benefits to create a proposition that buyers can’t ignore.

If you’re ready to explore a new garage door opener or perhaps want to upgrade your garage doors, our team is standing by to help! We’ll be happy to answer whatever questions you have about this technology.








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