How Garage Doors Provide Curb Appeal for Homes

A garage door provides substantial curb appeal for any home. Even repairing one that looks worn or older can have significant benefits.

Although many homeowners focus on the kitchen or bathroom, garage doors have the highest value recoup for the investment. If you replace an older design, you can get nearly 94% back on the expenditure. [[1]]

Garage doors are in a prime viewing location, which is why they offer so much curb appeal. With numerous designs and features in today’s marketplace to consider, you can focus on privacy, adding windows, updating safety features – or all the above.

Two wooden car garage residence

What Are the Ways that Garage Doors Improve Curb Appeal?

Whether you’re trying to sell or want to update a home, here are the ways that a new garage door can increase curb appeal immediately. [[2]]


  1. Home Design Completion

Garage doors bring the entire exterior design together to create a look that complements the whole house. Homeowners can select different colors or styles to make the entrance stand out without disregarding safety or security. [[3]]

You can add decorative stonework around the new garage doors to accent the updated look. Decorating handles or hinges is another possibility, as is an improvement to your exterior lighting to accentuate the completed project.


  1. Style Improvements

If you live in an older home, you might have an old wooden garage door. Upgrading to aluminum or steel provides more security while giving you lots of different color options to consider.

Steel provides a secondary advantage. It delivers an insulative effect while protecting against exterior airflows. Fewer heat transfers or air leaks impact the home’s temperature.

Some homeowners might prefer to stick with the timeless look that wood offers. You can achieve a timeless look while adding waterproof adhesive sealant to the exterior to protect this resource.

You can also look at updating the vertical lines of the garage door, using horizontal relief patterns, or installing windows. Another popular choice is to use barn-style cross beams.

The variety you can find today allows every homeowner to choose an option that makes sense for their preferences and the home’s style.


  1. Restore the Original Concept

A house experiences a lot of wear and tear as the years pass. The natural aging process can cause the original curb appeal to disappear. Restoring or upgrading your garage door helps to restore the look you love. When combined with a fresh coat of paint on the exterior, the entire property can look like it is new once again. [[4]]


  1. A Chance to Accessories

Trellises and porticos might work in the backyard, but they also add decorative elements to the garage door area. Adding decorations that accentuate this upgrade adds visual interest to enhance your curb appeal. Greenery always makes things feel more approachable and fresher. [[5]]

Garage doors are essential investments for modern homes. When a property delivers on its curb appeal, the results can be visually and financially appealing! Reach out today to discuss your situation or upcoming project, and we’ll be happy to get you the answers you need.



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