Choosing The Best Garage Door Material

As the largest moving piece of your home, garage doors represent a key element of your house. A well-built garage with a quality garage door can help to increase your property value and add to its curb appeal! And according to a Chamberlain Group study, 55% of homeowners use the garage door as their home’s main entryway. So, naturally it can feel like an overwhelming task, but we’re here to help you make the most informed buying decision!

Steel is the most popular material for garage doors, and for good reason. Steel doors are reasonably priced, durable, low maintenance, and available in just about any style you like. Steel can also be painted, even in the style of wood! Steel alone is a poor insulator, so insulated steel doors are a smart choice for saving energy and reducing noise. Steel doors made from 27-28-gauge steel have been known to dent easily, but 24-gauge doors offer a thick layer of steel that allows them to remain resilient. Some popular steel models we offer are our Courtyard Collection® and our Thermacore® garage doors. Both of these options are insulated to stand up to the extreme Illinois weather, which makes them a natural fit for local homes.

Aluminum doors offer many of the features of steel, but this material is often lighter. This makes it suitable for wide double doors. Aluminum doors share many of the characteristics of steel, with optional faux wood texturing and long-lasting finishes. Since aluminum is a lighter material, it tends to dent relatively easy. If a higher price tag does not make you afraid, heavy-duty aluminum frames with laminated panels make for a strong, dent-resistant garage door. Our Modern Aluminum Collection has corrosion-resistant aluminum frames and light-filtering glass, which helps make it more durable than plain aluminum.

For those that appreciate traditional style and design, wood garage doors may be a good option to consider. Wooden doors can come in a variety of different styles, including some models with windows. These wood garage doors complement many architectural styles, from traditional to modern and adds timeless elegance and dramatic curb appeal to the home. Wood doors need to be maintained and refinished regularly. Although they do require more maintenance than their metal counterparts, wood is a good insulator. Our Traditional Wood Collection and our Signature® Carriage Collection both offer a custom look at an affordable price.

These are just a few of the different garage door materials to consider when it comes time for replacement. At Middleton Overhead Door Company, we offer a large selection of overhead garage doors to fit any need or budget. If you are looking to replace your overhead doors, give us a call!

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