10 of the Coolest Garages from Around the World

Whether they’re used for cars or other hobbies, garages are loved by many people around the globe. And when money is no object, garages can get very extravagant. We scoured the web to find some of our favorites. Here is our list of 10 of the coolest garages from around the world.

Garage-Centered Home – Washington

This home includes just 2 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms but can accommodate 16 — yes, 16 — cars. An auto-lover’s dream, the house features a car lift, fully stocked workshop and adjoining living room separated from the garage with glass so the car collection is always within sight.

Source: Freshome


Art Gallery Garage – California

The car is the most valuable possession of many men, especially if they’re fortunate enough to own their dream car. That was the case for Holger Schubert, who created an art gallery-style garage to showcase his sports car.

Source: DesignRulz


Home Theater Garage – California

Garages don’t have to be just for cars. A California man transformed his garage into an incredible home theater complete with a 12-foot movie screen, projector, leather seats, custom woodworkings and heavy-duty sound insulation — even in the floor.

Source: Trend Hunter


Wine Cellar Garage – Connecticut

If you love wine more than cars, you’ll really be blown away by this detached garage converted into a custom wine cellar. The room — which can hold 8,000 bottles of wine — features a tile floor, 2 black walnut rolling library ladders, custom natural black walnut wine racking, 2 climate-controlled systems, a humidifier, heater and tasting/decanting station.

Source: Joseph & Curtis


Jay Leno’s Garage – California

You know you’re the ultimate car enthusiast when your passion for cars and personal collection is the focus of a TV show. Jay Leno’s private garage houses nearly 300 vehicles, almost half of which are cars that are tuned up and ready to be driven within minutes.

Source: Speedhunters


Car-Elevating Garage – Japan

The garage in this home not only can hold 9 cars but also features an elevator platform to lift one of the cars into the living space. Now, the only problem the homeowner has is deciding which of his luxury cars to showcase.

Source: Autoblog


Sky Garages – Singapore

Here’s another example of the wealthy wanting to keep their cars in sight. Each unit in this 56-unit residential tower is equipped with 2 parking spaces in a personal sky garage just outside the living space. The tower has a state-of-the-art elevator system that lifts the cars to their respective garages.

Source: Designboom


Mountainside Garages – Switzerland

You’ve heard of houses on the hill, but what about garages in the mountain? These 5 concrete and glass garage cubes are built into the Swiss mountainside, with the home being located further up the mountain.

Source: Garage 101


Vegas-Themed Garage – Illinois

If you can’t live in Vegas, why not bring Vegas to you? That’s what a Chicago man thought when he converted a warehouse into a garage to store his muscle car collection. He drew themes based on the Venetian, Bellagio and Caesar’s Palace casinos.

Source: Daily Herald


World’s Strongest Man’s Garage Gym – Colorado

There could not be a more appropriate garage for 4-Time World’s Strongest Man Brian Shaw. His garage gym is stocked with every piece of lifting equipment you could think of and more.

Source: Garage Gym Reviews


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